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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some knitted projects

Some of my favorite knitting projects. This first one is a poncho that I knitted my goddaughter when she was one year old.
This hat and scarf below was knitted for my niece.

This camoflauge hat and scarf was knitted for my nephew....

The two bags below were knitted just for me (gotta knit for myself sometimes, right?).

Single White Flower

The necklace was inspired by a similar necklace seen on Mary Parker's picturetrail.com site.

Mary Parker's Butterfly Pattern

Necklace Pattern purchased from designer Mary Parker (mary@dmparker.wanadoo.co.uk).
Bracelet adapted from necklace design.

Blue Set

Copper & Wood Bracelet

Square Stitch Rings

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stitched rings

For these rings, I followed a pattern off the internet (don't recall website name).

Blue/Yellow Flower Bracelet

Mother's Necklaces

My mother had some loose beads of hematite so I mixed them with red coral beads...and she had jade beads so I strung them for her.....

Wire-wrapped rings

Technique: wire wrapping
Materials: sterling silver half-hard wire and semi-precious gemstones