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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Copper with Cubed Stones

Again, more stones of my favorite color - blue. Love the combination of blue and copper, hence my choice in these two bracelets.

And they are the last of cube beads in my stash. Time to go shopping! :o)

The blue in these lapis lazuli beads are so rich and deep - gorgeous color!

Isn't turquoise a fun color!
This bracelet was made with the same copper seed beads as the lapis lazuli bracelet. Yet, notice that the seed bead color in both bracelets look different. That is not a trick of photography. As I write, I have the bracelets in front of me and the color of the seeds definitely look different in each bracelet. The copper color is 'influenced' by the color of its neighboring stone, be it turquoise color or deep blue. Happens quite often - I make a piece and the resulting color appearance looks a little different than what I had planned. Sometimes not to my liking, but sometimes a very pleasant surprise.